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"Direct treatment by specialist"

In AllforSkin clinic, all treatment are directly performed by a specialist with abundant clinical experience and know-how.

In spite of sane procedures, effect results appear differently depending on the 'who' and 'how'. Our special dermatologists make effort to provide the best results by recommending appropriate treatment with their accumulated clinical experience and know-how.

"Quick introduction of the latest premium equipment"

In AllforSkin clinic, we are introducing the latest equipment from domestic and foreign country for the best therapeutic effort.

In dermatology, the use of good equipment is essential in addition to the experience and skills of a specialist.

In our clinic, we have more than 140 world-class equipment such as Ulthera, Legato, Tenor from America/ Ruby, L4V from Italia/ Hair Cell 2 from Canada. We provide ourselves on being a hospital that invests generously for the best effect.

"Personalized treatment"

AllforSkin dermatology clinic has personalized treatment system.

For skin types are different from person to person, you need a personalized system which is tailored to you individual needs. In the head clinic in Daegu, we treat clients through personalized system and do our best to satisfy our clients.

"Professional clinic for treating hair loss"

With Dr.Min's 20 years of know-how, we provide proper diagnose and treatment for male hair loss, female hair loss and circular hair loss depending on patient's symptom.

Our clinic has specialized diagnostic equipment and doctor makes an accurate diagnosis.

World-class treatments are going on like Hair transplantation, Scalp tattoo, PRP stem cell treatment, Excimer and Hair cell magnetic treatment.




Certified by JCI International Medical Evaluation


4th floor, Dong-Wong B/D, 8-1, Sam-Deok-1 Ga, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea

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