KMI Hospital

Health Check-up

The most valuable thing
in our life is to live healthy life.

As average life expectancy is continuously increasing due to continuous development of medical technology, people started to get interested in healthy life and also regular health examination became requirement of preventing and early detecting diseases.

Korea Medical Institute was established in 1985 pursuing safe, pure, kind and accurate health examination. KMI is providing the most skillful professionals equipped with the state of the art equipment and provide health examination service with differentiated dignity and values. Furthermore, we contribute to the development of medical science in Korea, education for disease prevention, promotion and volunteer medical service.

KMI have concentrated on comprehensive health examination business and written the history of Korea's health examination history in 30 years and its self-esteem and pride will become the driving force of strong country in medicine for opening the world and future in advance. KMI Foundation will promise to protect health of whole nation and fulfill our social responsibility so that we will become comprehensive health examination beloved by all nation.

Basic Information

Corporate name

Korea Medical Institute Foundation

Date of foundation

October 29th, 1985

Foundation director

Kim Sooni

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