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Nune Ophthalmology Hospital stands for 'Universal General Hospital', which is equipped with medical staff and state-of-the-art facilities. An experienced ophthalmologist with a wealth of experience and expertise can be used to treat diseases with complications that are difficult to deal with in private hospitals and those requiring high-level surgery.

Nune Ophthalmology Hospital is moving within the value of 'medicine is the art of medicine'. Because we believe that medicine should serve as a link between man and man, nature and man, society and man. With this in mind, everyone at Nuene Ophthalmology Hospital hopes to be a true medical practitioner who does not distinguish between patients and sincerity to anyone.

Nune ophthalmology hospital spares no investment in research and development to prevent and cure eye disease. Currently, the Institute for Eye Diseases (Lumi-E Genetics) in the hospital is conducting both clinical research by Nune ophthalmology hospital and molecular biology research by biotechnology experts.

Since its opening, Nune Eye Hospital has continued its “pro bono” activities, which donate talents to the community and local people. From free medical care in rural areas without care, to health class prevention of blindness diseases, we warmly approach you first.


Nune ophthalmology hospital is taking the lead in introducing new therapies for better treatments ranging from senile eye diseases that cause blindness such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal diseases, to ophthalmic plastic surgery such as ptosis and ptosis, and to vision correction such as LASIK and LASEK. There is.


Nune ophthalmology clinic is establishing a medical treatment system that can easily and conveniently treat all diseases of the eye in one place. Compared to large hospitals, where treatment procedures are rather cumbersome, the patient has less time to wait to see a specialist and less hassle.


Nune ophthalmology clinic is a 365-day hospital, close to patients who need medical staff at any time. We strive for customer satisfaction with the best care and heartfelt service and always be with patients.


Nune ophthalmology hospital installed an operating room clean room system, a constant temperature and humidity system, and an uninterrupted power supplier (UPS) in case of power failure during surgery. The construction of such a system enables safer surgery.


Doctor Director

Kim Si Yeol

Date Foundation



18F-21F, KB Insurance Bldg, 2397, Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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